The Guards at War 39-45 
Bn HQ Section LHG

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Uniform and Kit of a WWII British Guardsman (1941-1945)

A Guardsman of the 5th Bn Coldstream Guards, 32nd Guards Brigade, Guards Armoured Division(1942-45) is wearing a 1937 Pattern Serge Wool Battledress with a MKII Steel Helmet with Camo netting.

He is wearing a pair of Anklets into which his Battle Dress Trousers are tucked and are secured by two leather tabs. He is also wearing a pair of highly polished Leather Ammo boots with 13 Metal studs per boot plus a heel and toe plate.

His weapon is the Lee Enfield No.4 bolt action rifle which was the standard issue rifle to British forces from 1941 onwards

The Webbing is 37 Pattern and this is worn in the “Battle order” configuration

He has two MKII Bren Pouches, a pair of cross over straps (Mail and Female) to support the webbing and a 37 Pattern webbing belt, the clips holding the small Pack to the webbing can be seen on the top of the ammo pouches.

Shown below is the Small pack with waterproof poncho \ groundsheet visible. The E-Tool holder and Entrenching tool helme can be seen with the No4 MkII pig sticker bayonet on the left of the photo and the water bottle on the right. The Webbing is blancoed a uniform shade of green.




In the side view below, the red marking on the side of the helmet can be seen which represented the plumes worn on Bearskins, the red being worn on the right for the Coldstream Guards

The Shoulder titles Coldstream Guards, A Khaki V for the 5th Bn and the all Seeing Eye for the Guards Armoured Division.


This would be the normal uniform and equipment used in the field. In the picture below is the SD cap worn by Guards Regiments when not in the field


Below is an Officer of the 5th Bn Coldstream Guards being addressed by FM Montgomery, The officer is wearing a 37 Pattern Battle dress with open collar , shirt and cravat, SD Cap with Officers Capstar and Brown Boots. The Rank is worn on the shoulder straps in the form of Rank Stars.