The Guards at War 39-45 
Bn HQ Section LHG

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                       Interested In Joining?

The Guards at War 39-45 Living history group are always looking for new members, we currently have places for:


                  Recruits for the  Bren Section

                  HQ Section with an intrest in WWII Wireless sets and Fieldd Telephones

The type of person we are looking for should have  

 An Interest in WWII living history

  • Be 16 or over
  • A good sense of Humor
  • A basic level of fitness
  • Ability to make a good brew up 

 If this sounds like you, then contact details are at the bottom of the page!


: What will it cost?
It can be an expensive hobby when you first start buying your kit, but once you have it should last a long time. We don't expect you purchase all your gear at once, we can lend out gear to new members for a few events until you have the bare essentials.


Try your first event Free! We can lend you all the kit , the only cost to you would be travelling costs.

Q: How old do I have to be to join?

You should be at least 16 years old, have a responsible attitude and have a basic level of fitness. There is no maximum age but do take into account that you can be climbing and walking a good few miles over a weekend, carrying your equipment including your ammunition and weapon.

Q: What will my first event be like?

If you've never done re-enactment before, it can seem quite daunting taking that first step and attending your first event, but we try to make people feel welcome and will readily give help and advice on any part of this hobby. We have a mix of ex-forces personal and experienced re-enactors and we always help each other out.

 Please contact us regarding joining at:

[email protected]